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Laurie Larson's Holiday Stain Glass Sale:

Please contact Laurie if you have any questions. 
By email -> or phone: (647) 955-3088
You can also visit her website to see other items.">
Glass Ornament $20.jpg
Glass Ornaments $20
Sparkler Ornaments $20 and can be in various colours.jpg
Sparkler Ornaments
(various colours available) 
bows $20.JPG
Bows $20
Stockings Glass Ornaments $20.jpg
Stocking Glass Ornaments
Mini Snowman Glass Ornaments $20 - Can be made with different colour scarves.jpg
Mini Snowman Glass Ornaments
(Scarves can be different colours)
angels $20.JPG
bells $20.JPG
Snow Glas Ornament $40.jpg
Snow Glass Ornament 
Candy Cane Glass Ornaments $20.jpg
Candy Cane Glass Ornaments $20
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