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The Village Palettes Open Studio Painting Group

An open studio painting group that meets once a week to paint and share creative discoveries.

Open Studio Painting Group

Come and paint with The Village Palettes Art Group.  We meet every Thursday from September to early June.  Bring your paints, brushes, canvas, paper and whatever else you might need and join us!


Our day runs every Thursday from 9am to 2pm. The idea of the Open Studio concept is that you can drop in any time within the mentioned time frame. This makes the atmosphere very "easy going" and less rigid and confined.


Regarding the cost, our first painting session runs from September to early December and the second session is January to June.  Each session has a separate fee.  For fee amount please contact us using the information below. 


New members are welcome to try the Open Studio Painting Group free of charge for the first time.

Guest artists are brought in throughout the year to inspire new ideas and teach new techniques.  We also host an art show at least once a year.


If you have any questions or you are interested in registering for our group, please phone Marg at 905-642-9439. You can also drop by the Markham Guild during a Thursday and see what we are up to.


Visit our website at or check out our Facebook page

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