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Paper Craft


Cheryl has been crafting since childhood. Surrounded by avid crafters, such as her own Grandmothers, and Mother, Cheryl did not have to look far for inspiration and passion in her crafting journey.  It seemed inevitable that Cheryl would inherit this incredible talent as creativity runs through her veins.  Cheryl is a Registered Nurse by profession, and is also a firm believer that, no matter the lifestyle one chooses, it is important to have an 'outlet' to go to from the everyday stresses of life; whether it be work, life or family. Cheryl enjoys a variety of crafts, such as card making, baking, cake decorating, painting, and flower arranging.   Her other forte is an 'event planner' where she goes the extra mile to achieve satisfaction and success. Not only has Cheryl been designing cards since 2004, but she is also a certified Wilton Instructor for cake decorating which entails working with buttercream, royal icing, fondant and gumpaste. Suffice to say, this multi-talented individual derivesgreat pleasure in teaching card making, and cake decorating. Everyone is welcome to join, no experience necessary. For more information and to register, contact Cheryl at

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