Weaving Classes

One of the oldest forms of textile production in which two threads are interlaced to form fabric.

Introduction to Weaving on a Loom


Weaving is the process of making fabrics by interlacing the threads lengthwise and width wise commonly known as warp and weft in a regular order. The operation is performed in a machine called a loom. Two sets of yarns are interlaced, almost always at right angles to each other. One, called the warp, runs lengthwise in the loom; the other, called the filling, weft or woof, runs crosswise. The raising and lowering sequence of warp threads in various sequences gives many possible weave structures.


Classes are available on Monday mornings beginning with a session on making a warp and putting it on a tabletop loom.  Bring your own or work on one of the Guild's.  Classes will continue on Monday mornings at the teacher's discretion.  Classes are $15 per hour.  To sign up for this class please email Louise at LMBONNY@ICAN.NET


Please note that this is a very labour intensive craft and not for everyone!


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