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Katarina Titov's Holiday Sale Items:

If you want more information or want to request an item, please contact Katarina: (905) 884-2829
She is accepting orders between 9am-9pm by phone.
Pickup your items at the Markham Guild on December 11th between 10-3pm.
Pink Scarf Knitted - ( acrylic, L 48” x W 11”, price $25).jpg
Pink Acrylic Scarf -Knitted
L 48” x W 11”
Wrist Warmers - (woolacrylic blend, glass beads, W 4inches, L stretchable, price $35).jpg
Wrist Warmers
(wool/acrylic blend)
with glass beads, W 4" x
L stretchable
Little Gifts Coaster Set - (acrylic, W 4,5” x L 4.5”, price $10).JPG
Little Gifts Coaster Set
acrylic yarn, W 4.5” x L 4.5”
Diagonal Colour Play Scarf -( fine mohair, wool blend, L 62” x W 8”, price $35).jpg
Diagonal Colour Play Scarf
Made with fine mohair & wool blend yarn, L 62” x W 8”
Bracelets Beaded(cotton & Japanese glass beads, W 2in x L 7in length adjustable, price $25
Bracelets Beaded
Made with cotton & Japanese glass beads, W 2" x L 7" 
length adjustable
Also available in pink and in light Turquoise
Colour ful headbands - (acrylic andor cotton blend, W 3-3,5” x L 19-21”, price $10).jpg
Baby Slippers - Acrylic, L 4inches, price $10.jpg
Colourful headbands
Made with acrylic/cotton blend,
W 3-3,5” x L 19-21”
Baby Slippers
Acrylic, L 4"
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